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SPECIALS • Tuli's Insoles Heel & Arch Supports

"Classic", "Heavy Duty", TuliGEL™, Heel Cups™

Tuli's patented multi-cell, multi-layer "waffle" design absorbs shock and returns impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet.

Tuli's FootwearTuli's FootwearTuli's FootwearTuli's Footwear

Upon impact, Tuli's waffle design collapses and even rotates with the normal motion of your foot to absorb the shock of walking and running. And just like a spring, Tuli's returns that energy back for maximum performance.


Cheetahs®, Gaitors®, RoadRunners®

Tuli's Cheetahs are a dynamic combination of Tuli's Heel Cups' shock absorbing technology and the comfort and reinforcement of lightweight neoprene ankle support. Tuli's Cheetahs provide "barefoot" feeling and comfort, which is ideal for many athletes including gymnasts and dancers. Cheetahs are helpful for those with shin splints and tired or swollen ankles.

Tuli's FootwearTuli's FootwearTuli's FootwearTuli's Footwear

Tuli's unique waffle cushion design extends all the way into the "heel spur zone" to guard against further inflammation and stress. The thin rigid arch provides support without overcrowding your shoe and can be adjusted by your medical professional for a custom fit. Gaitors give you maximum protection against blisters and odors.

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Shopping Special Offers Phone 652-0684